Religion to the Rescue (?) in an Age of Climate Disruption

My first blog post will be much longer than the norm as it provides an early look at my article, Religion to the Rescue (?) in an Age of Climate Disruption. This article will be published in April 2015 in the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture.  Here is a brief summary:

Since the early 1990s calls to address the negative consequences of anthropogenic climate change have been increasing by religious elites as well as by scholars who affiliate with and study religions. An important example of the trend occurred in November 2014 during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego where ‘Religion and Climate Changewas the conferences central theme. Data presented at this meeting, however, was not encouraging for those hoping that religious individuals were embracing consensus scientific understandings about anthropogenic climate change, and becoming deeply concerned about climate disruption and making a strong response to it a high priority. The scientific study of the religious dimensions of perceptions and actions related to climate change, for its part, is showing signs of becoming more rigorous and illuminating, better able to track changes that might unfold with regard to religious perceptions and practices related to the earths environmental systems.

The full article is available here as downloadable pdf. Here is an example of the data examined:



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  • Congratulations on the new blog, Bron! I’ll definitely follow in whatever ways I can.
    Fascinating how Hispanic Catholics seem to care more about man-induced climate change than any other group! Hope to find out more about that in your full article.

  • Rev. Dr. Luke MoonOak says:

    Very exciting work!

  • Geoff Berry says:

    A great start Bron. Thanks for shifting your commentary further into the public sphere, where it is needed. I look forward to following it with interest and support (and critical intelligence also, naturally!). Despite this first report bearing disappointing results, such research can of course also inspire motivated individuals to keep connecting, mobilizing and acting to defend the earth’s rights.
    Sincerely, Geoff Berry, White Fella Dreaming.

  • Lee Graham says:

    “…It is not without significance that the Conference is being held on the coast adjacent to the Humboldt Current, which joins the peoples of America, Oceania and Asia in a symbolic embrace and which plays a decisive role in the climate of the entire planet…”

    Pope Francis to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Dec. 2014

  • Interesting reseach – thanks Bron. I didn’t see Paganism references at all. Is it still too marginal?

    • Bron Taylor says:

      The problem is that to capture Pagans, given that they are a relatively small group, is that the size of the sample would have to be much larger. I hope we’ll eventually get to where social science research can tease out smaller groups, both religious and para-religious (such as those with affinity with dark green spiritualities).

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